VR Video Production Services for Non-Profits and Fundraising

EolianVR specializes in delivering professional VR Video Production Services for Non-Profits.


Publishing a quality Virtual Reality Video you can help you increase fundraising and brand awareness by attracting new donors and increasing loyalty from current donors.

However, producing a quality virtual reality video is an extremely difficult task. EolianVR is your solution. We offer a range of VR Video Production services for Non-Profits. 

EolianVR has extensive experience planning and producing VR videos featuring travel material. It is an area of production that we enjoy because many of our team members are avid travelers. We bring the expertise, tenacity and relentless pursuit of perfection you need. We are fully equipped to produce VR videos, on any magnitude–ranging from short single day shoots to highly-complex multi-week shoots in remote locations, without power, anywhere in the world.

Learn more about EolianVR’s VR Video Production Services for Non-Profit Organizations

Would you like to learn more about how EolianVR’s Video Prouction Services for Non-Profit Oraganizations can help you increase fundraising? Call us today! We are available 8am-5pm ET M-Sat (201) 294-9557  You can also read our whitepaper, Accelerating Fundraising Using VR Videos.

The Smithsonian Institute, UNICEF, The United Nations and Michelle Obama, just to name a few: They  have all published VR Videos promoting their causes. ​If you want to read about these and other campaigns, read our whitepaper, 66 Brands Using VR Videos for Marketing


Do you want to watch a VR Video we produced featuring a Non-Profit organization’s Cause? You can, below.

On a Computer: You can watch the VR Video below on a computer by clicking play and using your mouse to drag the video to where you want to look. Make sure to boost the resolution by clicking the gearbox in the lower right, after you have started playing the video, and selecting 4k.

On a Mobile Device: If you are using a mobile device, you must click the link above the video to experience the content properly.

On a VR Headset: For the optimal viewing experience, we highly recommend watching our videos on a VR headset (such as the Samsung Gear or HTC Vive), and using an app which is capable of streaming at a higher quality than YouTube (such as the VRVideo app or the SamsungMilk app, where you can also find our content). Or, let us come to you and show you our work. We’d love to sit down and discuss your goals. Please call us today if you are interested: 201.294.9557.

The Big Flatbrook, a Story of Successfull Conservation

SMARTPHONE OR TABLET — — USERS: Please click here to view this VR Video.

In addition to VR Video Production Services for Non-Profits, EolianVR also offers VR Video Production Services to other industries. Below is a list of links to our pages detailing our services for each industry. Feel free to browse.