360 Degree Video Production and Post Production

Using proprietary technology, workflow, and creative processes, Eolian provides clients with rapid delivery and low-cost 360 degree production.

EolianVR provides clients with top-caliber VR Video Production Services.

As leaders in the VR Video space with decades of experience producing marketing content for TV, Film and Print, the EolianVR team offers end-to-end VR Video Production Services to clients, mainly for marketing.

Our VR Video Production Services include the conceptualization, pre-production, post-production, and publication of cinematic VR Videos. If you would like to see samples of our work, look at our portfolio. If you are curious how VR Videos can help your company, feel free to read this short article: How Can VR Help My Brand Grow.

What Brands are Hiring VR Video Production firms?

Read our very comprehensive whitepaper, which categorized sixty six companies in eleven industries who have already started using VR Video as a marketing channel. There are a few excellent case studies in this whitepaper. READ MORE BY CLICKING HERE

VR Video Production Services, Whitepaper: 66 Examples of VR Videos Used for Marketing

VR Video Production Services, Whitepaper: 66 Examples of VR Videos Used for Marketing

The VR Videos Created by EolianVR can be Viewed With or Without a VR Headset, and Even on a Computer.

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Watch a Quick Sample of Our Work Here

On a Computer: You can watch the VR Video below on a computer by clicking play and using your mouse to drag the video to where you want to look. Make sure to boost the resolution by clicking the gearbox in the lower right, after you have started playing the video, and selecting 4k.

On a Mobile Device: If you are using a mobile device, you must click the link above the video to experience the content properly.

On a VR Headset: For the optimal viewing experience, we highly recommend watching our videos on a VR headset (such as the Samsung Gear or HTC Vive), and using an app which is capable of streaming at a higher quality than YouTube (such as the VRVideo app or the SamsungMilk app, where you can also find our content). Or, let us come to you and show you our work. We’d love to sit down and discuss your goals. Please call us today if you are interested: 201.294.9557.

Saratoga Springs, a VR Video Tour

SMARTPHONE OR TABLET — — USERS: Please click here to view this VR Video.

Industry Specific VR Video Prodution Solutions

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