VR & AR Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Given the rapid pace that technology is advancing in the healthcare industry, hands on training and situational simulators are more critical than ever for improving the quality and scope of care and reducing the improper use of new devices.

Unfortunately, the cost of hands on training and situational simulators has always been very high. In many cases, situational simulators have cost over $400,000 per unit; while hands on training on tactics and techniques from top experts is extremely expensive, as well–travel, room, board, etc.

Eolian has a better solution: an end-to-end platform that allows organizations in the healthcare industry to create and deploy hands on training and situational simulators much more efficiently, using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

"We believe our solutions will improve the overall healthcare system by improving and reducing the cost of training." — Michael McCormack, Founder of Eolian.

Eolian's platform is presently being built to deliver training and simulators for the following tactics, techniques, and topics: 

–  Dealing with bio-hazards and patients with contagious deseases 
–  Handling mentally ill patients 
–  Surgery simulators