Virtual Reality Applications for Businesses

Eolian is capable of developing, installing and maintaining applications for Full Feature Virtual Reality devices, such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Full Feature Virtual Reality allows a user to be entirely immersed in a virtual world. Walking around, bending down, grabbing objects seem entirely real. For enterprise and government organizations, Virtual Reality can be a powerful tool for training, running simulations, evaluations and visualization 3d objects or spaces. Used in conjunction with custom controllers, haptics, and other accessories, Virtual Reality has the potential to profoundly improve a few particular processes and business outcomes such as human error rates.  Eolian is capable of developing, installing and supporting practically any type of Virtual Reality Application you can imagine and would love to provide an estimate for your project. Please fillout the form to the right for more information.

Full-Feature VR Devices We Build Applications For

• Oculus Rift

• HTC Vive


Many More