This bi-partisan collaboration is part of a new, permanent U.S. federal government-wide Community charged with bridging the gap between private sector innovators and civil servants to evaluate, develop and administer revolutionary Artificial Intelligence and Virtual/Augmented Reality services for citizens.


At the collaboration’s kickoff event in Washington, DC on December 1st, Eolian demonstrated a variety of cutting-edge technologies to many federal agencies including: The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), The State Department, The National Intelligence Agency (NIA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute for Health (NIH), and many more. 

Justin Herman, of the Government Services Agency (GSA), is spearheading this multi-agency collaboration to bring VR/AR/AI into the hands of civil servants and citizens.

“These emerging capabilities represent what could quickly become a post-website reliant era of digital public services — rather than catch-all services that attempt to be everything to everyone, we can build personalized, precision citizen experiences tailor to the needs of people where they are, says Justin.

There is evidence to support the claim that AR/VR/AI technology can save lives, save money and contribute to saving our planet. 

“So, why wait! It is our responsibility as entrepreneurs, innovators, and citizens to do this–to use AR/VR/AI to save lives, save money and save our planet, asap.” says Michael Simmons (CMO of Eolian). 
“Not in five years, but five months,” Justin Herman re-iterates.