The version launching today will cover 30 models of sports cars.

It would be a shame if we were able to build autonomous cars before we could simplify car buying.

Today, buying a used car means booking multiple weekends to test drive and examine every car at every dealership within a 50 mile radius. We fight through every other lemming on the nine to five grind who only had their weekend to hunt for their DeLorean every time we go out. Eventually we settle, we always do. Because no matter how cool our new ride is, we leave the dealership ready to drive the shiny vehicle through the sales office after painful negotiations and a trail of documents rivaling those of an IPO road show.

Online used car dealer Vroom wants to use virtual reality to put a smile on the face of car buyers while supporting their search for the perfect car.


While certainly not the first utilization of VR for auto marketing, see Chevy Uses VR Showrooms, Vroom is the first online used retailer to launch a large VR marketing initiative. With over 30 models already being showcased in VR, there are definitely more to come. Eventually Vroom plans to use 3D modeling to allow customers to visualize their cars in different colors with different packages. Individual automakers have used VR for some time, but Vroom believes their strongest asset is the ability to compare cars in one place.