Game Changing Innovation allows Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality content to be integrated with any firearm.


WASHINGTON – Jan. 1, 2016 —  Eolian unveiled their prototype of the world&39;s first mixed reality weapons interface: MRWI. This new product and interface allows individuals to practice with an actual firearm or training replica in an Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality setting.

The MRWI is a wireless bolt- on compatible with all Windows holographic head mounted displays (HMDs) including the Microsoft Hololens, HP hmd, Dell hmd, Lenovo hmd and many others.

A video demonstration of the MRWI Prototype showcases a .38 caliber training Glock integrated with the Microsoft Hololens, being used in various settings.

The MRWI was created by Eolian’s research and development team upon learning that the lack of real-world training object interfaces had proven to be a problem during workshops involving various US federal agencies. The MRWI is one of many innovative solutions that Eolian&;s R&D team has addressed in an attempt to integrate real- world objects with its Artificially Intelligent Holographic Training Evaluation and Guidance platform: aiHTEG.

The MRWI will be be available to federal agencies through various purchasing vehicles as early as Q3 2017.

What is a.i.H.T.E.G.

Early evidence supports the claim that Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can reduce human error rate by up to 90%. The aiHTEG platform was created by Eolian in an attempt to reduce human error rate through highly technical and effective training, evaluation and guidance.  The AiHTEG platform was unveiled for the first time at Booz Allen Hamilton’s Washington, DC innovation center (15th &  Ideas) on January 11th 2017 during TandemNSI’s ‘Beyond AI’ event.

What is Eolian

Eolian&39;s mission is to save lives using Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Founded in early 2016, Eolian provides government and private sector clients with a variety of products and services within the Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and 360-degree video arenas. Eolian offers software and platform development as well as consulting and advisory services for government and enterprise clients seeking to create, deploy, and maintain a custom Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications. Drawing from a combined 30+ years experience in software development and marketing, Eolian’s team is capable of developing and deploying applications on the following AR and VR HMDs (Head-Mounted Displays): Microsoft Hololens, HTC Vive, Gear360, PlaystationVR, Google Cardboard, and Meta2 among many others.

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