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The Health care industry is fascinatingly complex, multifaceted, and one of the most vital pillars that holds society together. The implications of its direction, evolution, and improvement, are paramount to all.

Regardless of how quickly researchers, scientists, and front-line providers can innovate, the inevitable counterpunch strikes. New diseases emerge, political and administrative bureaucracy bogs down progress, or the sheer volume of humanity’s growth tips the scales in the other direction. Nevertheless, we must persist and never relent in this noble pursuit of progress.

Regardless of how quickly researchers, scientists, and front-line providers can innovate, the inevitable counterpunch often strikes back. It can be in the form of a new disease, a political setback, or even the sheer volume of humanity’s growth. Nevertheless, we are choosing to persist and never relent in the pursuit of progress.

Absolute magic is performed every single day, in countless ways, across the entire globe as health care providers manifest modern miracles on demand to save lives and treat their patients. However, the magnitude of how far we’ve come is often diminished and unappreciated as there simultaneously is still So far yet to go.

Just because the road ahead is difficult, and at times downright overwhelming, doesn’t mean that we should simply accept the status quo and settle for the way things are. On the contrary, the hard problems are the ones truly worth solving.

These ideals and sense of duty are what inspired our team at EolianVR to make the commitment to the health care industry. We want to do anything and everything we can to help contribute, even if just in a small way, to our firm’s primary mission: to help save lives.

We pursue this mission by leveraging technology to build customized software platforms for our clients in the health care industry. Specifically, we build these new worlds primarily using augmented reality/virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Then, we maximize the value and exposure of these platforms by ensuring that they interface with the more prevalent and widely available technology of today, such as mobile/tablet devices and personal computers.

We are currently working with some of the most world-renowned and innovative health care organizations in the world  on a variety of use cases ranging from patient treatment, clinical research, training and education, surgical demonstrations, to creating a virtual walk through of a children’s oncology unit  to make it less intimidating for children before they arrive.

Not only do we have a vast amount of experience in the health care industry, but our patent pending platform was initially built for a military and defense use case for the U.S. Government. Again, our mission of saving lives was the motivation and inspiration that led to its creation and we’re only just beginning to perceive the widespread implications of its potential.

Since the sky is the limit with respect to what we can assist an organization with, we start by identifying one or two of the primary objectives that exist and use those as an initial pilot project. We work with the appropriate stakeholders to determine the most glaring problems that need to be solved and build a project plan around the desired outcome. We lay out key goals and metrics, establish the budget and deadlines, and collaborate to track progress along the way. Each engagement is customized and ensures that our clients are pleased with the result.

As a firm we make sure to stay on top of the latest technological innovations and remain device agnostic in our development so that we can always make sure our platforms and software work on the best hardware that the industry gets to market. This agile and dynamic approach allows our clients to remain confident that the solutions they invest in will always maintain value and effective regardless of what comes out next.

It’s our honor to do our part in helping the health care industry continue to innovate. We would love the opportunity to partner with your organization and build new worlds together to help save lives.

Our core business model comes down to helping our clients solve problems by leveraging the latest technology. That means that each project requires a more customized approach in order to ensure that what we create together has a tangible impact on YOUR business. Sure, we leverage our fundamental platform (Eolian Simulator Platform, ESP) as the basis from which we built upon, but we don’t try to force clients into using one solution regardless of their needs. We elaborate further below to provide additional insight into what that means for you.

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