Deliver More Effective and Less Expensive Hands-on Training

Eolian has developed a turn-key platform that allows clients to train and certify people on processes and devices, more effectively and less expensively, using VR and AR.


The Core Problem Eolian Solves

Quality, human presented, hands on instructional training and certifications are too expensive to produce and too slow to deploy.

Eolian’ss Solution

Eolian is has developed a boilerplate PaaS (platform-as-a-service), which allows clients in many different industries to train and certify people more effectively and less expensively, by using a combination of technologies including VR, AR, machine learning and computer vision.

For more information about how Eolian’s proprietary platform enables clients to train more effectively and less expensively, please refer to the following industry specific pages.

Military & Law Enforcement  |  Healthcare  |  Education