Augmented Reality Application Development Services

Eolian develops, deploys and maintains custom Augmented Reality applications for government and enterprise clients.

Eolian is a software development and marketing production firm that works with government and enterprise clients to conceptualize and build Augmented Reality applications. Our specialty is applications with practical uses in four industries: Military, Education, Marketing and Healthcare. Drawing from a combined 30+ years in software development and marketing, our team has deployed Augmented Reality applications on the following Head Mounted Displayss:

• Microsoft Hololens


• Google Glass

Software Languages and Engines

Below is a list of the software languages and platforms our team specializes in:

• Unity Engine

• Unreal Engine

• ARTool Kit


• JavaScript

• Node.js


• CSS3

• Python

• C# and C++

• Maya, 3D Studio or


• Adobe Creative Suite

• LAMP Stacks

• SQL or NoSQL Data-

• Hadoop Database


• iOS and Android

• 3D Imaging

• Sensory Technology


• Hepatics

• Big Data Analytics

• Machine Learning


• APIs