The ARRE Platform - Augmented Reality Real Estate

ARRE is an easy to use platform that will allow your firm to visualize and showcase real estate assets using Augmented Reality head mounted displays. ARRE includes the hardware, software, setup, support, storage, and ongoing rendering services you need to start using AR to accelerate sales and development within 48 hours from signing up. The ARRE Platform makes the entire process as simple as uploading a file and putting on a pair of glasses.

How ARRE Works

Submit your 3d file on a computer

No Complicated File Conversions
No Redundant Work Re-rendering
Easy & Quick Submission Process

Select Rendering Options from A Simple List

No Confusing Pricing
No Sales Pitch
Fixed Price Per Add-on to Rendering
Many Options for Showcasing the Asset

View and Share Your Rendering

Automatic Transfer to AR Head Mounted Display
Viewable in Your Firm’s Custom Application
No long waits for 3D modeling
Easy as click and begin


Turn On and Go

Put the Hololens on your head and it starts up in seconds
Open your firm’s custom branded ARRE App and it starts instantly

Easy Control

Multiple methods of
controlling the App
Hand tracking control Interface
XBox One controller
Voice Control

Extremely Real

With real textures or CAD Files, our artists and tools make extremely realistic 3d holograms to impress your clients, prospects and investors

Highly Portable

No WiFi Needed
Totally portable
No wires
Durable, small transport case
Starts and app loads in seconds

Multiple Viewers

Multiple people wearing the Hololens can view the asset
A monitor can play a live feed from the Hololens to show what the person is seeing

Easy Navigation

Simple, intuitive menus
Easy to follow instructions
Most people pick it up right away, without instructions
Very quick response

Simple Scale and Rotate

Miniaturize or scale your assets easiest with the custom controller
Rotate using joysticks on the controller, voice, or hands

Walk Through the Building

Maximize the size of your asset and walk through it as if you were actually there
Body position is tracked using no external sensors


Firm name in App title in Hololens menu
Branded loading screen
Branded menus
Branded color-scheme
Branded icons

The ARRE Platform

The world’s first end-to-end platform for visualizing and showcasing real estate assets in Augmented Reality, ARRE makes integrating AR into your firm as simple as putting on a pair of sunglasses.

Rodney Jackson, KROMA ART GALLERY"Working with Eolian was truly exciting! We provided our patrons with a high tech alternative to a traditional gallery experience and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Eolian provided this in a cost effective and timely manner."
Kerry Falzone, Plymovent“From day 1, I had the full dedication and superb customer service from Eolian's team. . I knew that I was in good hands and that I could trust them to create the perfect video for my company. I was working with a tight time frame as we needed this video to debut at a tradeshow, but that was never an issue for the team at Eolian. I am still getting compliments from colleagues and correspondents worldwide about how great our video came out. Because of their outstanding work and service, we actually hired Eolian to create another video for us. Eolian is a company that I trust and would recommend to anyone looking for VR/AR solutions.”